Our Self Care tips for Fall

Welcome Fall  with these skin care tips.....
Welcome the Cooler Nites and Shorter Days.
Autumn’s shift to darker nights and cooler days can leave you feeling a little out of balance both physically and spiritually. With summer about to end, not only will you start to notice the leaves turning deep yellow, red and, brown, you may also notice a physical and emotional transition in yourself, too.
With this in mind we tend to get a bit off balance and some of us find ourselves with aches and inflammation. And we need to re- evaluate our body to adjust to the changing of seasons.
With this in mind it is also important to consider some rituals to keep our beauty within while using ( Traci K Beauty ) Products on the outside.


Take time every morning and at night for yourself.  Incorporate breathing techniques and silence.   Go hiking and smell the wonderful aromas of Fall this in general will bring you to awareness and firmness with the earth.



During these times we need to keep our immune system boosted.  By incorporating products that are anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and incorporates antioxidant properties.

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  Restore Cream


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  Derma Clay Masks

 Tea Tree Moisturizing Gel

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