Gentlemens Guide on How to Use Aftershave...


I have seen many of men tell me that they apply aftershave like this:

They literally get a bottle and splash a little bit on their face and head out the door…

…this gentleman, is NOT the way to use aftershave.

Secondly, if you just tip over the bottle and have just a little bit in the palm of your hand, this also is NOT the right way to apply aftershave.

When used properly, aftershave is one of those special tonics that men find themselves relying on time and time again to not only reduce razor burn, but to also help ensure that their skin feels incredibly smooth and free of any lingering bacteria long after they shave…

…oh, and did we mention that aftershave can smell amazing too!?!

First off, it will help to retain the moisture on the surface of your skin.

This will be key to not only ward off any ashiness or skin flakes on the surface of your cheeks (especially in the dry winter months), but will also help to erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for summer glow.

Any man in their mid 30s or later will know instantly what I am talking about.

Those fine lines you get around your mouth, applying and leaving aftershave on in this area will help to reduce the valleys so to speak of these wrinkles.

This will help to ultimately help you look a bit more youthful and vibrant. Our aftershave is a Great. Start and a Great Gift.


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